Using LNG as an energy source to displace coal and other high emitting fuels advances global sustainability and decarbonization goals.

LNG can also help address energy poverty in emerging nations where indigenous energy resources are limited.

Delivering the environmental and economic benefits of LNG requires a company with dedicated leadership and technical expertise. Commonwealth LNG’s values are reflected in the following Environmental, Social and Governance commitments:


Our environmental stewardship focuses on using sound management practices and the best available technologies. We will:

  • Embrace and enhance coastal wetlands biodiversity
  • Install high-efficiency liquefaction equipment
  • Employ best-in-class emissions control technology
  • Pretreat feedgas to capture CO2 for potential use or sequestration


Our social values begin with a harmonious working relationship with our host communities in Cameron Parish, Louisiana and extend globally as we address energy and environmental needs.  We will:

  • Prioritize the safety of our employees, neighbors, and customers
  • Create training opportunities and jobs for Cameron Parish residents
  • Improve America’s balance of trade
  • Make clean affordable energy available to a greater portion of the world’s population

With the multi-billion dollar infrastructure investment and the creation of jobs, Commonwealth LNG is certainly a project we support being constructed in Cameron Parish.”

- Clair Hebert Marceaux

Cameron Parish Port Director

“We believe Commonwealth LNG has already demonstrated a pledge of commitment to safety, responsible environmental stewardship, active involvement in the revitalization of the local economy and infrastructure, and being a strong corporate citizen in our community.”

- Captain Brett Palmer

President, Lake Charles Pilots, Inc.


Commonwealth LNG is a company with experienced leadership and an independent board. We will:

  • Be honest and transparent in how we conduct our business
  • Document our policies and procedures, establishing clear accountability
  • Promote a collaborative work environment that is equitable and inclusive
  • Ensure full regulatory compliance, providing data that is accurate and complete