Providing LNG to reduce global emissions and ensure affordable energy security

Environmental Stewardship

Commonwealth LNG’s commitment to do the right thing – no matter what – involves aiding global climate objectives through the export of cleaner and more affordable energy, while also recognizing our responsibility to keep the Gulf Coast environment clean and healthy.

By using the best available technology, our facility is designed to operate well within all regulatory requirements, mitigate impact to local wildlife, preserve wetlands, and demonstrate industry best practices to minimize methane leaks and maintain air quality.

Pathway to Sustainability

Commonwealth LNG’s commitment to be a good neighbor starts at the source. We will work with our upstream partners to prioritize responsibly sourced natural gas.                                                   

Our facility is designed with high efficiency drivers with waste heat recovery and high efficiency gas turbine generators so we can operate without any scope 2 emissions.     

We will export clean-burning US LNG to replace carbon intensive fuels like coal. This will reduce global emissions, advance the global energy transition, and aid emerging nations where energy resources are limited. 

We will work to preserve Southwest Louisiana’s natural beauty. Commonwealth has one of the smallest LNG footprints, minimizing the impact to local wetlands and wildlife.                           

carbon capture

Utilization & Storage

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of the most abundant greenhouse gases and is present in all US Gulf Coast natural gas inlet pipelines. Commonwealth LNG removes this CO2 from the pipeline gas to be treated, transferred, and safely sequestered underground, minimizing the environmental impact of the facility.

Commonwealth LNG has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with OnStream CO2 to treat and sequester the removed CO2.

Looking Forward

Our commitment to improvement continues when the facility is built.

Reducing Emissions

Implementing a comprehensive Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program to quickly detect and eliminate fugitive emissions.

Continuous Learning

Train operators using dynamic simulation to optimize startup procedures and minimize flaring.

Sustainability Icons (5)

Protecting the Environment

Using Selective Catalytic Reduction, Thermal Oxidizers, and H2S scavengers to treat waste streams and minimize emissions to maintain air quality.

Utilizing Technological Innovations

Evaluating Best Available Technology such as drone surveying to detect fugitive emissions and Advanced Process Control to reduce upsets and improve efficiency.


Our Core Value

Leveraging the collective experience of the Commonwealth LNG organization to implement a world-class safety program.

Inherently Safe Design

Commonwealth LNG uses inherently safe design principles to ensure that safety remains a top priority from conception through design and execution to operations.

Community Integration

Commonwealth LNG works closely with local officials and emergency services personnel on education, planning, and procedures to maintain safety at the facility and its surroundings.

“Safety begins with each employee’s diligence in adopting a safety mindset – on and off the job. We will prioritize safety above all other business goals.”

— Farhad Ahrabi
President & CEO of Commonwealth LNG