Community Support

First and foremost, we know that LNG projects don’t exist in a vacuum. At every step of this process, Commonwealth is dedicated to establishing and maintaining a harmonious working relationship with the local community.

Whenever possible, we work with local vendors and contractors to build long-term relationships with neighboring businesses.

And as we grow, we’ll give residents of Cameron Parish top priority for new jobs. That will include recruiting and job training programs.

We succeed when the community succeeds. That’s why we’re putting Cameron Parish first.

” With the multi-billion dollar infrastructure investment and the creation of 50-60 permanent jobs. Commonwealth LNG is certainly a project we support being constructed in Cameron Parish.”

Clair Hebert Marceaux

Cameron Parish Port Director

Social Responsibility

Clean. Safe. And now cost-effective. We consider our commitment to the environment, and transparency every time a decision is made. That means thinking about how we impact the communities and ecosystems around us.

The LNG industry has always maintained strict regulations over design, construction, and ongoing operation of sites. Commonwealth will not only comply with these regulations at every step, but also commit to minimizing impact on local ecosystems and communities.

We’ll continue to work with Cameron Parish to ensure that natural gas doesn’t disrupt the natural order.