CEO Paul Varello slated for industry leaders presentation at Houston Strategy Forum

Interview with 
Mr. Paul Varello
Founder & President
Commonwealth LNG

We are hosting Mr. Paul Varello, Founder & President, Commonwealth LNG, at the Global Gas & Natural Gas Symposium, being held on November 11, 2021.

We interviewed Mr. Varello in preparation for the symposium (video links are included below). The innovative approach with which Mr. Varello is solving age-old problems is impressive. It is helping reduce costs, reduce the environmental impact, and generate faster progress.

It is wonderful to see an executive leave his successful corporate career and take on risks to become an entrepreneur. It creates tremendous value for the community, the nation, and the world.

Part 1: Switching from Corporate America to become an Entrepreneur

Why did Mr. Varello leave a successful corporate career? What is his core philosophy as he created his company? What is the significance of the name Commonwealth?

Part 2: About Commonwealth LNG and Its Innovative Approach

What is the focus of Commonwealth LNG? How is it driving innovation that will help it reduce cost significantly and win more customer engagements?

Part 3: Contracting Model

How Commonwealth LNG’s modular approach is giving it the flexibility in contracts that allows customers to sign contracts in an emissions sensitive environment.
How does Commonwealth LNG determine its customer engagement size?

Part 4: Innovative Modular Approach

The amazing thought process behind using an innovative modular approach to building an LNG plant with lower environmental impact, faster speed of development, and lower costs.

Part 5: Career Advice

How being flexible can work wonders for your career. Could flexibility be more important than skill?

Part 6: Why Attend the Global Gas & LNG Symposium

Reprinted from September 2021 LNG Industry

Lyle Hanna, Commonwealth LNG, USA, provides an
overview of the 8.4 million tpy export LNG terminal project
under development in Louisiana, US.

Resilience. Residents of Cameron Parish, Louisiana, US, have come to know the full measure of the term as they continue to rebound from taking the brunt of two 2020 hurricanes that coincided with a global pandemic and sharp downturn in the energy industry so vital to their economic wellbeing.

Commonwealth LNG’s 8.4 million tpy export terminal project under development at the mouth of the Calcasieu Ship Channel near Cameron was also impacted by these events. However, Commonwealth now looks to not only aid in the region’s ongoing recovery, but also expand Southwest Louisiana’s prominence as a US leader in exporting clean and affordable LNG to all corners of the world.

Leading the development

The project’s leadership team is committed to building a world-class LNG facility by staying relentlessly focused on managing risk and lowering capital cost.